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Danger's Last Resort - a novel

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I have had so much fun disappearing into the world of this book as I wrote it - I hope it will entertain you, please you and in turn make you cry. Enjoy!

Stuck in a junior manager’s job in a dreary English hotel, Rose dreams of exotic travel. Then astonishingly that dream comes true, when she inherits property rights on the beach in tropical Barbados. It’s not the cosy seashore cottage she expects but a once grandly genteel destination where Princess Margaret used to stay - but it’s now threadbare and overgrown.

Then the death threats start and Barbados turns out to be the opposite of paradise.

Rose discovers that Jamie, the love of her life who walked out years ago is also in Barbados. She needs help, she needs him, but he never explained why he left her. Dare she trust him now?

Written by Joanna Sheen

290 pages

ISBN 978-0-9926844-6-4


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