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The Proof is in the Pudding - a novel

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The fourth in the Swaddlecombe Mystery series.

Victoria West's first Christmas in sleepy Swaddlecombe looks like being a traditional country affair... but then, as the decorations go up, so does the body count.

A Christmas wreath making course, liberally lubricated by local wines, comes to a tragic conclusion. Farmer Albert Moreton has things on his mind and the Reverend Ruminant has been busy plotting...

The whole village is getting festive with a 'Caroloke' in the pub and, of course, there's the infamous old folks' Christmas party to navigate.

Handsome men abound but are they really what they seem? Is the Lord of the Manor a philanderer? Is the gardener safe with his axe? Why would Tipple the pug's owner abandon him, and how far would anyone go to get their hands on a fortune?

Victoria and Albert have their work cut out to identify 'who dunnit' in this frenzied festive free-for-all.

Written by Joanna Sheen & Julia Wherrell

272 pages

ISBN 978-0-9926844-8-8


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