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Vaessen Creative - Blending Brush 4 pieces 7005-012

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This 4-piece set of blending brushes have been designed to be easy to hold and use, giving great results every time. Use for stenciling, ink blending and more. The shaped brushes will give so much flexibility of use. Use for stenciling, ink blending and more.

The Vaessen Creative blending brushes come in a range of sizes and are ideal for applying all sorts of stamping inks and paints. You can create subtle transitions effortlessly by applying gentle pressure and making twisting movements. This produces smooth and soft colour effects. Create backgrounds by blending together different shades of colour and by using stencils to achieve more depth.



Blending brushes in various sizes
Ergonomic handle, making them extremely comfortable to use
Suitable for applying inks and paints
For use with stencils on a variety of surfaces



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