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Vaessen Creative - Guillotine Cutter 2137-038

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A handy Guillotine cutter that ensures straight, clean cuts time after time. Suitable for cutting many craft materials like paper, cardboard, cardstock, foam, cork, felt, vinyl and foil.

Razor-sharp cutting blade – self-sharpening blade with a bright pink handle. Simply press down the handle to cut up to 7 sheets of 80 gsm paper at a time. The long-lasting cutting blades will stay sharp, no replacement blades necessary.

Safe Guillotine cutter – Thanks to the safety guard, paper clamp and non-slip pads on the base, This is an easy and safe cutting tool. The transparent safety guard works as a smudge guard. Hold down the clamp to firmly keep material in place and Protect your craftwork from friction and smudges.

Art and crafts – This is the perfect addition to your craft supplies. The paper cutter is easy to tidy up, doesn´t take up much space and is lightweight. Use to create beautiful paper craft projects and DIYs. Suitable for beginners.

Perfect precision – The lightweight plastic base is marked with grid lines and dual imperial and metric measurements to improve accuracy when cutting. The precision grid provides square centimetres for exact paper alignment.

Cutting Surface: 216mm x 152mm (6" x 8 1/2")


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