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Howard Robinson Decoupage - Card 5

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A pretty Spring day with daffodils and lovely houses.


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Signature Dies - Rose Leaves SD004 - 5.49

Rose leaves are eternally useful, even with flowers other than roses. But this die also has rosehips which is a detail that other people often miss and I think it adds a really beautiful touch to your card.

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Signature Dies - Vintage Bicycle SD084 - 7.99

This is by far my favourite of all the transport dies - I have great plans for cards with daffodils in the basket for Spring - or gifts for a Christmassy card - maybe even a bucket and spade for summer! How about a puppy or kitten in the basket?

Size of Die: 88mm x 60mm (approx)

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Howard Robinson Decoupage - 9.99

Howard's beautiful paintings of the British cottages and countryside make the most wonderful cards for all sorts of occasions. The decoupage is lovely - there's a small frame around the design and by decoupaging it, the images stand out brilliantly.

Contains: 20 sheets of Howard Robinson decoupage sheets (2 x 10 Designs)

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