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Beach and Under the Sea - Card 11

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Great fun this card - the fish hang from the diver by a cotton thread so they wobble when you shake the card to make the glitter fly!


Products for this Project

Signature Dies - Scuba Diver SD320 - 8.49

Just the thing for a diving enthusiast - I'm going to use it for my younger daughter with some nice colourful fish!

Size of Scuba Diver: 108mm x 50mm (approx)

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Signature Dies - Ocean Corner SD366 - 7.99

A wonderfully pretty die set that can make a beautiful corner display as part of an under the sea theme! It would go well with our scuba diver! (sold separately)

Set of 4 Dies

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Signature Dies - Coral Border SD570 - 7.99

Underwater loveliness, have fun colouring or piecing coloured die cuts here with all sorts of weird and wonderful corals, so pretty.

Size of actual Die: 140mm x 26mm (5 1/2 x 1) approx.

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Signature Dies - Tropical Fish SD575 - 4.99

How are you going to make an under the sea themed card or a fish tank card or anything fish related ... without fish. here you are a mini shoal that you can use all or some of on your card.

Size of actual Die: 51mm x 55mm (2 x 2 1/8) approx.

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