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Beach and Under the Sea - Card 5

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A fun shaker card with sand getting into all the cracks!


Products for this Project

Signature Dies - Beach Huts SD183 - 6.99

These are just brilliant... great fun to colour in and I just loved them at first sight!
Set of 2 Dies.

Size of each Beach Hut: 43mm x 51mm (approx)

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Signature Dies - Deck Chair SD186 - 3.99

I think this is just adorable and inexpensive and so I feel ok to say it's a “must-have”!

Size of Die: 41mm x 50mm (approx.)

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Signature Dies - Seagulls SD232 - 3.99

Lovely, lovely, lovely! This die produces a set of three Seagulls.

Size of Seagull 1: 52mm x 15mm (approx.)
Size of Seagull 2: 41mm x 25mm (approx.)
Size of Seagull 3: 18mm x 20mm (approx.)

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Signature Dies - Sandcastles SD573 - 7.99

I always wanted to win a sandcastle competition when I was little - never did! Here you have great ingredients for a card with a sandy background (sandpaper is a fun choice) and happy beach memories.

Size of actual Die: 61mm x 64mm (2 3/8 x 2 1/2) approx.

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