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Advent Calendar Book by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


4 A4 Sheets Stardream Card – I used Mars.
8 A4 Sheets Elegance Satin 160gsm Paper.
1 A4 Sheet Photo Paper.
1 A4 Sheet Gold Mirri Card.
1.5mtrs each of Red and Green Satin Edged 10mm Ribbon.
Sticky Stuff – I used double sided tape, narrow red liner tape, foam pads and Cosmic Shimmer Glue.
Optional - JS Signature Die Lace Edger 2.
JS Christmas in Hollypond Hill CD
Chocolate coins or similar to fill gift envelopes
Numbers 1 to 24.


Step One

Using Gentle Gloss Photo Paper and the JS Christmas in Hollypond Hill, print out one of the topper sheets with a large rectangular image, sized to fit on the front of an A5 portrait orientation card.


Step Two

Landscape orientation; score the four pieces of Stardream card in half vertically.

Score a vertical line approx. 2.5cms in from both side edges of two of the piece of card and one of the side edges of the other two pieces of card.

Optional, if you have an A4 die-cutting machine – Using an A4 sheet Stardream card portrait orientation, position the JS Lace Edger 2 face down on the right side of the card and cut as shown.


Step Three

Remove the die from the card, clean out the waste bits from the die-cut and re-position to cut the remainder of the border.

Locate the die so the part of the border already die cut nestles in the die as shown.


Step Four

You will need to cut a border down both sides of the 21cms edges of the card.

Always start the cut by positioning the die cut at what with be the top edge of each piece of card.

Cut two A4 pieces of card with the die positioned on the right side of the card for all the cuts. These pieces of card will be assembled to make the centre pages of the card.

Cut the remaining two pieces of A4 card as shown, with one border cut on the right side of the card and one border on the wrong side of the card. These two pieces of card form the back and the front of the card.


Step Five

Using JS Elegance Satin 160gsm paper print out enough of the small mini-cards and envelopes images to make 24. You will need to print out eight sheets; spare mini-cards can be used as gift tags.


Step Six

Fold the score lines in half to make an A5 card.

Match up the borders and join the pieces of card together using red liner tape to form a concertina. Crease the score lines where the borders have been joined together.

The two pieces of card labelled A & B form the back and front of the card. The wrong side of the border should be facing the inside of the card and does not need a score line.


Step Seven

Mount the large topper and the sentiment onto gold mirri card and attach to the front of the card.

Make up the 24 Advent envelopes and mini-cards. I used Cosmic Shimmer Glue to assemble the envelopes.

Attach the mini-card to the front of the envelope and a couple of foam pads to the back of the envelope.


Step Eight

Attach three envelopes to the each of the eight pages of the card. Add a random number 1 – 24 to each envelope.

If you wish to personalise the mini-cards there is space to write a message.


Step Nine

Insert a chocolate coin into each envelope pocket and tie the card up with ribbon.

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