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Advent Calendar

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


6 A4 Sheets of JS Elegance Satin 160gsm Paper.
Approx 2.5mtrs JS 10mm red Organza Ribbon.
Approx 2.5mtrs JS 10mm Hunter Green Organza Ribbon.
Small Foam Pads.
Double Sided Tape.
1 A4 Sheet JS Red Mirri Card.
Peel-off Numbers.
JS House Mouse Christmas CD and Project Book.
2 Strong Paper Plates, at least 25cms diameter.

Centre Decoration –I used a poinsettia arrangement.
Dry Oasis Type Foam.
1 A4 Sheet JS Elegance Satin 160gsm Paper (Optional for making gift tag).
Off cut of card, and Spellbinders oval die-cut.
Small Sweets or Chocolate Coins to fill the wedges.
Cellophane to wrap loose sweets (optional).


Step One

Using the JS House Mouse Christmas Projects CD print out six backing sheets onto 160gsm JS Elegance Satin Paper. Print 3 sheets from Project 8 and 3 sheets from Project 16.

Optional – Print out an extra backing sheet from Project 8 if you want to make a gift tag.


Step Two

Landscape Orientation from each A4 sheet of backing paper, cut four pieces of paper 20cms x 7cms, measure score and valley fold all the blue score lines as shown.

This creates the shape for the wedge.


Step Three

The Illustration shows how to position the paper to create the wedge.


Step Four

Fold the score line and apply double sided tape to one of the flanges. Remove the backing and stick to the adjacent flange.


Step Five

Cut 12 pieces of Red and 12 pieces of Hunter Green organza ribbon each 18cms long.

Fill the open wedge with either sweets, chocolate coins, or a small gift, e.g. a hair slide. If you are using loose sweets wrap in a piece of cellophane.

Close the open side of the wedge and seal down using double sided tape.

Punch a small hole in the bottom of the wedge and knot the ribbon through the punched hole.

Make and fill 24 wedges.


Step Six

Using double sided tape, fix two paper plates together so the bottom plate creates a stand.

Arrange the filled wedges round the plate so the ribbon overhangs the edge of the plate by approximately 1cm.


Step Seven

Using red mirri card cut or punch out 24 little discs, and stick a peel-off number 1 – 24 on each one. Attach one to each of the wedges using a small foam pad.

There should be a hole in the centre of the “cake”

Insert a piece of dry Oasis or similar into the centre and decorate.

Optional - Make and personalise a decorative gift tag. I used a Spellbinders oval scalloped die and an off-cut of JS Elegance Satin card 300gsm, cut out the House Mouse from the spotted backing paper, stick to the tag and attach to the dry Oasis/centerpiece.

Optional - attach the wedges to the perimeter of the plate using a small foam pad.

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