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Art-Deco Style Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail.  If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 Sheet Foundations Card 220gsm – I used Milk.
1 A4 Sheet Foundations Card 220gsm – I used Black.
1 A4 Sheet Gentle Gloss Photo Paper, 180gsm.

Sticky stuff – I used Foam Pads, Cosmic Shimmer Glue and Double Sided Tape.

JS Barbara Mock One Summer’s Day CD.

Signature Die - Heart Scroll SD044.

Optional – Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles Die Set – (or similar die set which has a suitably sized oval die).


Step One

Using JS Gentle Gloss Photo Paper, print out the topiary tree topper page from the JS One Summer’s Day CD.  You will only need the matching rectangular small toppers.  It does explain on the CD how to capture and print out part of a topper page.  However, you may need to re-size your topper before printing.


Step Two

Cut out the matching pair of rectangular toppers and mount one of the toppers on a piece of black Foundations card which measures approximately 5.5cms x 10cms.

Using an oval die or similar to accent the topiary tree, cut out the tree and attach to the front of the topper using foam pads to give lift.

Using the JS Signature Heart Scroll Die and black Foundation card, cut out four scroll dies.


Step Three

The measurements are shown over Step 3 and Step 4.  Do not cut the card until you have completed Step 4.

It will be easier if you make a template using 160gsm thin card and transfer the measurements to the Foundations Milk card using a fine embossing tool to mark.

In landscape orientation, measure, mark and score the card as shown.  Score the red and blue lines.  Mark the cut lines (green) but do not cut yet.  The cut lines are marked diagonally from A through B to C and from D through E to F.  They both stop 3cms from the side edge of the card.


Step Four

Mark the remaining measurements which are shown at Step 4.  If you are not confident drawing the green cut lines, divide the left side edge into three 7cms sections and lightly mark (shown by the orange “X”).  Line the ruler up diagonally and mark the cut lines as shown in green.

Cut the green lines, mountain fold the red lines and valley fold the blue lines.  Ease all the fold lines into place gradually.


Step Five

The illustration shows the card once folded.  Decorate the front of the card adding the heart scrolls and finally the topper using foam pads to add dimension.

This card will fit in a C5 envelope.

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