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Boy and Girl Little Star Cards by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 Sheet JS Elegance 300gsm card.
2 or 3 A4 Sheets JS Elegance 160gsm paper.
1 sheet 160gsm thin card for template.
1 A4 Sheet JS Mirri Card Gold or Red.
Sticky Stuff – I used Double Sided Tape and a Quickie Glue Pen.
JS Daisy and Friends CD. – I used an image from the Maisy, and The Boys section.
1 A4 Sheet 100/120gsm paper for insert.


Step One

Using 160gsm JS Elegance paper print out one of the largest images and a sentiment.

How to personalise a sentiment and to capture and print out a single image using a graphics or word processing programme is explained on the CD. They will both fit on the same sheet of paper. You may need to re-size the image/topper. The image when printed should measure approximately; BOY – 7.8cms x 12cms GIRL – 7.5cms x 12cms.

Using 160gsm JS Elegance paper, print out a complementary backing paper.


Step Two

To make the star. Using a sheet of 160gsm thin card landscape orientation, make a template as shown.

It is easier if you find the centre point of the card draw a vertical line, and then measure and mark the triangle.

There are two ways of making the star.

i) BOYS CARD – Transfer the triangle markings on the printed backing paper, marking the triangle at the left-hand side of the paper. This will leave sufficient paper left to cut out the mat for the topper.

ii) GIRLS CARD - Transfer the measurement on a blank sheet of 160gsm JS Elegance paper.

Cut out the triangle.


Step Three

Measure, mark and score the triangle as shown.


Step Four

If you are making the GIRL’S star using a blank piece of Elegance paper, cut out pieces of backing paper, slightly smaller than the A & B sections and fix into place.


Step Five

Crease the score lines.

If you have made the BOY’S version of the star, cut a triangle of plain card to fit in the centre of the star.

Fold the star overlapping the base of each point of the star with the next point. Tuck the last point under the first point. Decorate the plain points of the star. I coloured three of the white stars with a Promarker (poppy), and punched out some small flowers.

Fix to the card using double sided tape.

Mount the toppers, backing paper and sentiments onto gold or red mirri card and attach to the card.

Open out the star and write your greeting.

Optional – add an insert.

This card will fit in a C5 envelope.

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