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Build a Flower Violets Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail.  If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 Sheet Foundations Card – I used Milk.
1 A4 Sheet Gold Mirri Card.
1 A4 Sheet Gentle Gloss Photo Paper.
1 A4 Sheet Mid-Blue Lightweight Card approx. 160gsm.
1 A4 Sheet Dark Green Lightweight Card approx. 160gms.

Sticky Stuff – I used Double sided tape, Foam pads, Pinflair Glue Gel and Cosmic Shimmer Glue.

Barbara Mock One Summer’s Day CD.

Distress Ink Pads – I used Antique Linen and Tattered Rose for the edge of the card, and Chipped Sapphire pad and Distress Marker for the flowers.

Signature Die Build a Flower SD078
Signature Die Spring Blossom SD051

Yellow Stickles glue, for flower centre.


Step One

Using Gentle Gloss photo paper print out the smallest rectangular Violets topper from the One Summer’s Day CD.

Mount the topper onto Gold Mirri card.


Step Two

Cut an A4 sheet of Foundations Milk card to measure 29.7cms x 14.9cms.

Landscape orientation measure and score the card in half vertically.

Optional – tint the edges of the card using Distress Ink pads.  I used Antique Linen and Tattered Rose.


Step Three

Using the Mid-blue lightweight card and the smallest flower die from the JS Build a Blossom die set cut nine of the smallest die.  Each flower is made up of five petals which are mounted onto a small disc of card.  This will create five flowers.

Fig. 1 Mark (shown by black line) where the petals are to be separated.

Fig. 2 Separate the three petals as shown by cutting the green line, so that a prong is   created at the top of petal “A”.

Fig. 3 Trim away the point from petal “A” and feather the sides of the petal.

Trim away the sides of petals “B”. Do not trim the point of the petals.

Fig. 4 Trim away the sides of petals “C” Do not trim the point of the petals.

Fig. 5 Using the Chipped Sapphire Distress Marker tint the edges of each petal and the prong on petal “A”.

Fig. 6 Spritz the petals.  Using a dry paintbrush and the Chipped Sapphire Distress ink pad tint the pointed end of each petal and the pronged end of petal “A”.

Fig. 7 Shape the petals and allow to dry.  Cut a small circle of card approx. 7.5mm and place a blob of glue gel on top of the circle.  Fold the prong to the front of petal “A” and secure with Cosmic Shimmer glue.  Arrange the petals on top of the glue gel with the tinted edges to the centre of the small circle.

Fig. 8 When dry place a small blob of yellow Stickles glue on top of the prong on petal “A”.


Step Four

Using the largest Build a Flower petal die and dark green card cut two sets of petals.    Cut and shape as shown.  To vein the petal draw a pokey tool or fine embossing tool along the petal.


Step Five

Using the Spring Blossom die and dark green card cut one.  Make a nick in the leaf at the bottom of the die-cut (shown by the arrow) and angle out the leaf.

Cut some fine strips of dark green card and curl to create fronds.

Make five violets and six leaves.


Step Six

Using foam pads position the topper towards the top right-hand side of the card.

Attach the foliage and flowers to the card using glue gel.

Add your sentiment.

This card will fit in a 17cms square envelope but will present better in a box.

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