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Christmas Pop-Up Decoupage Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact me, Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


2 Sheets A4 JS Stardream Card - I used Lapis Lazuli
2 or 3 Sheets JS Gentle Gloss Photo Paper
1 Sheet A4 JS Gold Mirri Card
1 Sheet 160gsm Thin Card
Sticky stuff - I used double sided tape and foam pads
JS Thomas Kinkade Papercraft CD Set - CD3 Special Christmas Disc



Step One

Using Gentle Gloss photo paper, print out a set of images from the decoupage section of the Christmas CD. You need only print Sheet One if you do not want full decoupage layers on your pop-up.

Cut out the decoupage layers. I used the decoupage layer from sheet one and the bottom image from sheet two. The main image on sheet one will form the base layer for the pop-up.

Using 160gsm thin card print out a backing sheet, I used a cloud backing from CD2, but this is optional as only a thin border of card is visible and coloured card can be substituted. However, do not use card over 200gms. (See picture)


Step Two

Using 160gsm card landscape orientation score in half vertically to create an A5 card. Do not fold.

Centre the main image on the left-hand side of the card, butting the bottom edge of the image up to the score line. Fix using double sided tape. (See picture)

Trim away excess card from the top and two sides of the image. Fold the card in half and trim away the excess from the right-hand side of the card to create two halves. (Shown by the dotted line in picture)


Step Three

Open the card out flat. Wrong side facing, landscape orientation, score two vertical lines 1.5cms either side of the centre score line. Scoring on the right side will damage the image. (See picture)

Crease the score lines. The mountain and valley folds are as they appear when looking at the front of the card, not the back as shown in the picture.

Apply double sided tape to the left and right-hand sides of the card butting the tape up to the score lines. (See picture)


Step Four

Landscape orientation score the Stardream card vertically to create an A5 card. Crease but do not use a bone fold to sharpen the crease.

Open the Stardream card flat. Open image/backing card and position onto the Stardream card so the centre score lines of both pieces of card are lined-up. Remove the backing strip from the double sided tape and join both pieces of card together. It is easier if you turn part of the backing of the double sided tape, rather than taking all the backing before you stick the card together. (See picture)

The picture shows a close up of how the card should look when joined together. The front of the up stand is plain.


Step Five

Take the largest decoupage piece, line it up to the main image and fix to the front up stand of the pop-up. If your decoupage is floppy, create tabs by cutting out two pieces of card 1.3cms x 3.5cms and bend into a "Z" shape. The centre section of the "Z" needs to be 1.5cms long. Fix the part of the "Z" that point upwards to the back of the decoupage, and the other part to the main image. (See picture)

Optional - add more decoupage layers. I added one extra layer - the bridge and small cottage, using foam pads.

Cut a piece of Stardream card 17cms x 10.5cms and fix to the inside of the card. Add a sentiment and decoration. I used two of the Christmas tree embellishments from the CD.


Step Six

Using Gentle Gloss Photo paper print out an image for the front of the card. I chose a matching image from the CD and printed out the smallest size. Mount onto gold mirri card and add a sentiment. (See picture)

This card folds down and fits in a C5 envelope.


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