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Decorative Trellis Background Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


3 Sheets of A4 Foundations Card – I used Milk.

Signature Die SD142 – Decorative Trellis Background
Signature Die SD 078 – Build a Flower
Signature Die SD 013 – Leafy Flourish
Signature Die SD 121 – Retro Happy Birthday

Sticky Stuff – I used Pinflair Glue Gel , Cosmic Shimmer Glue and Foam Pads.
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads – Forest Moss and Dusty Concord.


Step One

Score and fold an A4 sheet of Foundations Milk card in half to create an A5 card.

Cut a piece of card 14cms x 20cms and measure, mark and cut out a centre aperture as shown in green.  This will form the frontispiece of the card. Save the off-cuts.


Step Two

Using Signature Die SD142 – Decorative Trellis Background cut out using Foundations Milk Card.  Save the off cuts.


Step Three

Using Cosmic Shimmer Glue attach the Trellis to the back of the aperture.


Step Four

Using the left-over card cut one of the JS Signature Die SD013 Leafy Flourish.

Using the JS Signature Die SD 078 - Build a Flower cut sufficient die cuts to create your flowers.  To make one large, one medium and two small flowers, plus four leaf groups, I cut:-

4 – Largest three petal group.
4- Middle three petal group.
12 – Smallest three petal group.

The number of petal groups you cut will depend on how full you want your flowers to be.


Step Five

Using your scoreboard with wrong side of the leaf-group facing score as shown.  Turn the leaves over so the right side (raised veins) of the leaves are facing.


Step Six

Using a Forest Moss Distress Ink pad and an Ink Duster apply ink to the right side of the leafy flourish and the leaves.  Spritz with water to diffuse the ink, shape the leaves and leave to dry.


Step Seven

Score a vertical line about 1cm long on each petal, starting at the tip.

Press the flower petals into a Distress Ink pad – Dusty Concord.  You do not need to cover the whole of each petal with ink, as you want variegated petals.  Spritz with water and leave to dry.  Shape the petals before they are dry by pinching the pointed end of each petal together.


Step Eight

The illustration shows how the petals are scored and how they look once shaped and dry.

Cut four circles of card about the size of a 5p piece as a base to build the flowers on.


Step Nine

Starting with the leaves as the bottom layer, build up the flower on the small circle of card, working from the largest petals at the bottom to the smallest petals at the top.  The centre of the flower is formed by rolling three of the smallest petals to form a bud.

The medium flower is made up of medium and small petals.  The small flower is made up of small petals only.

I stick the layers of petals together using Pinflair Glue Gel as I like to tweak the flowers before they dry.


Step Ten

Arrange the Leafy flourish to the card frontispiece and attach the flowers on top.

Allow the glue to dry.


Step Eleven

Turn the frontispiece face side down and apply foam tape/pads as shown in ink.  The foam pads are added to the back of the flowers to prevent the lattice from sinking.  They cannot be seen from the front of the card.


Step Twelve

Using the Foundations Milk card cut out two of the Signature Retro Happy Birthday sentiment die.  Colour one of the sentiments using the Dusty Concord Distress Ink Pad.  Spritz with water to diffuse the ink and allow to dry.

Mount the uncoloured sentiment on top of the Dusty Concord sentiment, offsetting to create a shadow.

This card will present better in a box.

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