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Die-Cut Poppy Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail.  If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 Sheet Elegance Satin Card 300gsm.
1 A4 Sheet Green Card approximately 160gsm.
1 A4 Sheet Red Card approximately 160gsm.
1 A4 Sheet Black Card.
1 A4 Sheet Gentle Gloss Photo Paper.

Sticky stuff – I used Foam Pads, Cosmic Shimmer Glue, Pinflair Glue Gel and Double Sided Tape.

Tim Holtz Distress Marker – Black Soot.

JS Barbara Mock One Summer’s Day CD.

Signature Dies – Build a Flower SD078.
Signature Dies – Leafy Flourish SD013


Step One

The illustration shows the two Signature dies used to make the poppies and foliage.  The Build a Flower dies are a very versatile set of dies and can be easily adapted to make many different flowers. 


Step Two

Using an A4 Sheet of Elegance Satin 300gsm card cut a piece of card 14.9cms x 29.7cms.  Landscape orientation score in half vertically and fold to create a square card.

Using the One Summer’s Day CD and a sheet of Gentle Gloss photo paper print out the larger of the pair of poppies image (you will only use one of the images) and the matching decoupage image.

Print out a sentiment from the sentiments section of the CD.  The sentiments are interactive and you can personalize your greeting.  How to do this is explained on the CD.

You may need to re-size your image and sentiment.  How to do this is also explained on the CD.

Mount the Image/topper onto a piece of black card approximately 7cms square.

Mount the sentiment onto a piece of black card approximately 6.5cms x 3cms.

Stick the sentiment and topper to the card as illustrated and build the decoupaged flower.

Using green card cut two of the leafy flourish die and trim one of the die-cuts to create the foliage.


Step Three

3.1. Using red card and the Build a Flower die set, cut four of the largest flower and two of each of the smaller flower dies.

3.2. Trim off the pointed edge off each of the petals, feathering the edge.

3.3. Using the Tim Holtz Distress Marker – Black Soot, draw a black line along the feathered edge of each petal.

3.4. Curl the side edges of each petal and spritz the flower using cold water. Fold up the petals as shown, to create a “furled umbrella”.  Allow the ink from the Distress Marker to run to create the illusion of shadows/creases on the petal.  If your petal is too wet, blot lightly with kitchen paper. Cut a small circle of red card to act as a base for the flower.

3.5. Carefully open out each petal, curling the side edges of each petal.

3.6. Dab Pinflair Glue Gel on the small circle of red card and stick the three petal shape on the circle. Repeat with the second three petal shape, staggering the petal arrangement. Shape the petals using your fingers and tweezers.

3.7. Using black card cut two of the middle size and two of the smallest size flower centres.  Shape and stick together to form the flower centre.

3.8. Stick the flower centre onto the flower, and tweak into shape.  Allow the flower to dry.  Once dry the flower will harden and should retain its shape.


Step Four

The illustration shows a close up of the completed poppies.

This card will fit in a 17cms square envelope, but will present better in a box.

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