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Easter Gift Box Card By Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 8” x 8” white scalloped card 300gsm (available from JS shop).
2 A4 sheets 160gsm JS Elegance Paper.
An off cut of card for the sentiment.
1 A4 sheet 300gsm JS Elegance Card – for drawer.
1 tassel or something similar for the drawer pull.
Off cut of card and spent match to reinforce drawer.
Sticky stuff – I used, double sided tape, foam tape, Pinflair glue gel and Collall Glue.
JS Jane Shasky, From the Heart of the Garden CD set.

I used a sentiment and decoupage sheet from the Inspirational section of CD1 and a backing paper from the Mixed Floral Section on CD2.


Step One

Print out a backing sheet, decoupage sheet and sentiment. It explains on the CD how to personalise a sentiment and import it as a single image into a word processing or graphics programme for re-sizing and printing.


Step Two

Cut out the decoupage.

Mount the base topper for the decoupage onto a piece of 300gsm card measuring 16cms x 14cms.

If you are using a different topper you may need to change the dimensions of the aperture.


Step Three

Using an 8 inch square scalloped card available from the website cut two pieces measuring 16.5cms x 20.3cms.

Measure, mark, score and cut the aperture out of the front of the card as shown.

Measure, mark and score the back of the card. Do not cut out the aperture.


Step Four

Apply Foam tape or foam pads to the reverse of the card front around the edge of the aperture, ensuring that it does not overlap the score lines.


Step Five

Fold the score lines.

Fix the decoupage topper inside the aperture and build the decoupage.

Cut a strip of backing paper approximately 1cm wide and decorate both scalloped edges of the card.

Attach the sentiment.


Step Six

Cut an A4 sheet of JS Elegance 300gsm card to measure 28cms x 20cms.

Measure, mark and score the card as shown. Do not fold yet.

Cut away the four corners “A”.


Step Seven

Apply double sided tape to sections “D” (do not remove backing).

Cut a vertical line up to the horizontal score lines on corner tabs “B”.

Valley fold score lines, apply glue to underside of tabs “B” and fix in front of sections “C”.


Step Eight

Shows the drawer partly assembled.

Remove backing paper from the double sided tape on one of the “D” sections and stick onto section “C”.

Make a hole in the centre of the other “C” section, reinforce with a strip of card.

Cut a strip of backing paper to decorate the outside of the drawer. Fix to the drawer edge and make a hole to correspond with the hole in “C”.

Thread the tassel to the inside and secure (optional – use a matchstick to stop the tassel pulling out through the hole).

Remove the backing paper from section “D” and stick down to cover the reinforcing strip and tassel.


Step Nine

Fill the drawer with chocolate mini-eggs.

This gift box card will need to be posted in a jiffy bag.

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