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Easter Treats and Trinket Box by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


7 A4 Sheets JS Elegance Satin 300gsm Card.
2 A4 Sheets JS Elegance Satin 160gsm Paper.
1 A4 Sheet JS Gold Mirri Card.
4 Brads or Brass Fasteners.

Sticky Stuff – I used Double Sided Tape, Red Line Tape, Cosmic Shimmer Glue, Foam Pads and Sticky Tape.

Marsh Green Promarker.

JS “Jayne Netley Mayhew -The Digistamp CD”.

JS Signature Die – Lace Edger 2 SD010.


Step One

Using 160gsm Elegance Satin Paper, print out the Dotty Chicken backing paper from the JS Jayne Netley Mayhew “The Digistamp” CD.


Step Two

To make the drawers, using an A4 Sheet of JS Elegance Satin Card, portrait orientation, measure mark and score as shown. You will need to score four pieces of card for the drawers.


Step Three

Turn the piece of card to landscape orientation and score the vertical lines as shown. The lines previously scored in step one are shown in black.

You will end up with a grid made up of squares and a border of narrow rectangles at the top and bottom of the card.


Step Four

Score the four red lines as illustrated. They are 6cms long and positioned 1.5cms from the adjacent vertical score line.

Also score the remaining three pieces of card.


Step Five

Using the grid as a guideline, cut away the parts shown in green on the illustration. Each of the four drawers is identical.


Step Six

The illustration shows how to cut the Dotty Chicks backing paper. Each 12cms x 6cms should be cut in half to create four 6cms x 6cms squares.

If your printer does not print borderless you will have to re-arrange your layout and cut four 6cms x 6cms squares along the top edge of the backing paper.

You must have sufficient clearance above the chickens to make the toppers for the panels on the box. Each of the chicken toppers needs to measure 5cms x 5cms and you will need to cut four toppers from the six chicks on the backing paper.


Step Seven

Right side facing, mountain fold all the score lines and open the box/drawer out flat.

Stick a piece of 6cms x 6cms dotty backing paper on the square to the left of the “drawer bottom” and attach a brad to the centre of the square (shown in green).

Stick red line tape to the flaps shown in pink.

Trim away a sliver of card from the two end flaps (shown by green lines).

Re-fold the box/drawer, remove the backing from the red line tape flaps, and fix the sides of the box/drawer together. You will have large flaps sticking up at two sides and 1.5cms flaps on the other two sides. The split pin of the brad will be visible inside the drawer.


Step Eight

Apply Cosmic shimmer glue to the insides of the large flaps “1” and stick down inside the box/drawer. This will cover the split pin.

Apply Cosmic Shimmer glue to the inside of the small flaps “2”and glue down to the inside of the box/drawer.

Repeat on the remaining drawers.


Step Nine

Check your measurements and make a sample sleeve first to make sure it fits. Make any adjustments.

To make the drawer sleeves cut four pieces of card 6.1cms x 25.5cms and measure mark and score as shown. The join for the sleeve is at the bottom 3cms + 3.1cms = 6.1cms. There is an overlap allowance of 1.1cms where the red line tape is applied and minor adjustments can be made at the join.


Step Ten

From the dotty backing paper cut four chicken toppers 5cms x 5cms and mount on a piece of gold mirri card 5.5cms x 5.5cms.

Colour a border round the square on the sleeve as shown – I used Marsh Green Promarker, and stick the topper on top of the square. Please ensure that the topper is facing the same way as in the illustration.

Stick a topper on each of the four sleeves as shown in the illustration.


Step Eleven

Check the fit of the sleeve remove the backing strip from the red line tape and join the sleeve together. The chick on the sleeve should be to the right of the drawer front, as shown and the sleeve join at the bottom.


Step Twelve

Place each box in a sleeve and join the four boxes together, top and bottom, with sticky tape. The boxes should be positioned with a chick topper next to an opening drawer, as shown.


Step Thirteen

Cut a piece of card to fit the top of the four boxes and stick into place. Cut a second piece of card and fix to the bottom of the boxes.


Step Fourteen

Using 160gsm JS Elegance Satin paper print out a co-ordinating topper and sentiment from the CD. You may need to re-size the topper which should measure approximately 11cms x 9cms.

Print out a sentiment. There is an interactive facility on the CD and you can change your sentiment and add a recipient’s name.

How to use the interactive facility, import an image into a graphics or word processing programme, and resize as necessary is explained in the “Read me first” section on the CD.


Step Fifteen

Check the measurements of the top of the box and cut a piece of card twice the length of the box. Score in half horizontally.

The front half of the card should be scored in half again to make an easel card.

Stick the bottom of the card to the top of the box.


Step Sixteen

Mount the topper on a piece of mirri card the same width as the easel card, approximately 12.1cms x 10.5cms. Attach to the front slope of the easel.

Cut a piece of dotty backing paper 4.5cms x 10.5cms and mount on a piece of mirri card approximately 12.1cms x 6.1cms. Attach to the rear slope of the easel.

Optional decorate the sentiment with a small bird from the Groovy Chicks section on the CD. Add a strip of dotty die cut and position the sentiment on the inside/base of the easel card to hold the easel in position, as shown in the main image.


Step Seventeen

The image shows the easel card folded flat to the box.

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