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Floating Decoupaged Swivel Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 Sheet JS Stardream Card – I used Citrine.
2 A4 Sheets JS Elegance Satin Paper 160gsm.
1 A5 Sheet JS Acetate (not inkjet acetate).
Sticky Stuff – I used Cosmic Shimmer Glue and foam pads.
JS Jayne Netley Mayhew - The Digistamp CD
JS Signature Die – Flourish Corner SD 043.
Spellbinders Nestabilities Die Set – Decagons S4 369.
Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine.

For Triple Embossing
Versamark Stamp Pad.
Detail Clear Embossing Powder.
Ball Embossing Tool.
Heat Embossing Gun.


Step One

Using JS 160gsm Elegance Satin Paper and the Jayne Netley Mayhew Digistamp CD print out the butterfly backing paper.

Using the satin paper, print out three of the butterfly images on the CD from the selection of images designed for use with cutting dies.

To print the three images on one page, you will need to import them into a word processing or graphics programme. How to do this is explained on the CD. Position the images centrally and space them so there is sufficient room for the die shapes to be cut. You may need to re-size the images to fit your die (I used the third largest decagon).


Step Two

Using the third largest decagon die, cut out and emboss two of the three images to use as toppers. Save the third image for triple embossing.


Step Three

Sticky tape the two largest decagon dies together and cut out two decagon frames using the butterfly backing paper.

Cur four of the Flourish Corner die cuts from the backing paper.

The illustration also shows the two toppers.


Step Four

Using Stardream card, landscape orientation, score a vertical line centrally (shown in red).

Position the largest decagon die, cutting side down, centrally on the score line and secure with low tack tape.

The green lines on the illustration show which parts of the die will be cut to create the swivel.


Step Five

Place the card and die (cutting side down) on the cutting plate, lining the score line (shown in red) up with the left-hand side edge of the cutting plate. If you hold the cutting plate and the card up to the light it is easy to line up. Optional – secure the card to the base plate using a small piece of low tack tape.

Place the base plate on top of the card lining it up with the score line.

Using a Grand Calibur die-cutting machine, cut out the half decagon.


Step Six

Score a second score line (shown in blue) using the angle of the decagon as a guide as illustrated. Position the blue score line at the left-hand side of the cutting plate.

Place the base plate on the top lining up with the score line.

Cut the second section of the swivel.


Step Seven

The illustration shows the how the die is cut to make the swivel.


Step Eight

Position the second largest decagon die inside the cut swivel, low tack tape, and cut out to create a frame.


Step Nine

The illustration shows the swivel after the centre has been cut out.


Step Ten

Landscape orientation, cut 3cms from the top and bottom of the card.

Cut 6.5cms from the left-hand side of the card.

Mountain fold the red line. Valley fold the blue line. Do not fold the score line which is inside the swivel frame.

Using the largest decagon die cut a piece of acetate and attach to the back of the swivel.


Step Eleven

Attach a backing paper frame to the front and back of the swivel.

Attach a topper to the front and back of the swivel.

Attach a Flourish die-cut to each corner.


Step Twelve

Cut out the remaining butterflies, shape using an embossing tool and press into a Versamark stamp pad to pick up a coating of glue.

Cover the butterfly with fine detail clear embossing powder, tap off the excess and using a heat gun heat the powder until it dissolves and forms a clear coating. Before the coating sets, cover again with embossing powder and re-heat. Repeat once more.

Emboss the remaining two butterflies.


Step Thirteen

Attach the butterflies to the front of the swivel.

Add a sentiment.

This card will fit into a 18cms x 18cms envelope.

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