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House Mouse Birthday Card


Kraft card or Light brown card
Dark Brown card

House Mouse Decoupage CD

Foam pads
Double sided tape
Pinflair Glue gel


Step One

Print out image from House Mouse decoupage CD, there are two sheets. Also print out backing paper.


Step Two

Cut out two pieces of Kraft card, one measuring 9” x 7” (23cm x 17.8cm) – the other measuring 7” square (17.8cm square)

With the first piece, fold up 2” (5cm) from short edge.


Step Three

Cut a piece of dark brown card 7” x 2.2” (17.8c, x 5.5cm)and stick this to the inside of the flap, add some double sided tape. From the other side you should have a small border of dark brown showing.


Step Four

Take the 7” square of Kraft card, stick this to the flap using the previous double sided tape and you will have a card that is approx 7” square.


Step Five

Cut a square of dark brown card measuring 6.5” square (16.4cm) and using foam pads, attach to the front of the card.


Step Six

Cut backing paper to slightly smaller than the dark brown card and attach with double sided tape.


Step Seven

Cut out backing piece from decoupage sheet and mount onto dark brown card leaving a small edge all around. Mount this onto your card using foam pads, near the top with the oval at the bottom.


Step Eight

Start layering decoupage onto your card with Pinflair glue gel.


Step Nine

Take a scrap of dark brown card measuring 6.5” x .5” (16.5cm x 1.2cm), add a slightly thinner piece of Kraft card and lay this under your image. Attach the Happy Birthday greeting.

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