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Jewellery Gift Box and Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


3 A4 Sheets Stardream – I used Lapis Lazuli.
1 A4 Sheet Elegance Satin 160gsm Paper.
1 A4 Sheet Photo Paper.
1 A4 Sheet Gold Mirri Card.

Sticky Stuff – I used Double Sided Tape, Red Liner Tape, Collall All Purpose Glue, and Pinflair Glue Gel.

Approx 1.5mtrs JS Edged Organza Ribbon – I used Orchid.

Josephine Wall Project Book and CD Rom – I used Image 20.


Step One

Using JS Gentle Gloss Photo Paper, print out four of the small toppers. You may need to resize the toppers which should measure approximately 4.5cms square. Print out the matching gift card and (optional) a topper for a matching card. They will all fit on one sheet.

In the “Video Section” on the website, it explains how to capture a single image, import and re-size it, using a word processing programme.

Print out the matching backing paper.

Mount the four small toppers onto a piece of JS gold mirri card. The mounted toppers should measure approximately 5cms square.


Step Two

To make the drawers, cut two pieces of Stardream card 21cms square and measure, mark and score as shown. Save the off cuts for the sides of the box.


Step Three

Cut away the sections shown in green, illustrated. The score lines will act as a guide where to cut.


Step Four

Follow the instructions in the diagram to assemble the drawer. You may find it easier to decorate the front of the drawer as shown in the next step, before gluing the drawer together.


Step Five

Cut four strips of backing paper 8cms x 2cms and mount onto gold mirri card. The mounted strips should measure 8.5cms x 2.5cms.

Fix two strips to each drawer as shown. The two plain sides of the drawer cannot be seen when the box is assembled.


Step Six

To make the box sides, using the leftover pieces of Stardream card, cut two pieces of card as illustrated and score.


Step Seven

Join the two pieces of card together to form the sides of the box, overlapping the 2cms flange on what will be the inside of the box.

Attach the ribbon to the outside of the box sides, positioning it off-centre, so that the lid when in place does not hide the toppers. Fix the toppers over the ribbon as illustrated.


Step Eight

Using red liner tape, attach the two plain sides of each drawer to the inside of the box sides as shown.

There is a 0.5cm clearance between the two drawers to allow the box to open freely.


Step Nine

The illustration shows the two drawers when fixed to the box sides. The plain sides of the drawers are unseen, and the top part of the join in the box sides is concealed by the top drawer.


Step Ten

To make the lid, cut a piece of Stardream card 12.5cms x 12.5cms and measure, score, crease and cut the tabs as shown.

Cut a sliver of card off each tab for a better fit.

Fold the tabs “A” under the sides of the lid and glue into place.


Step Eleven

Cut a piece of backing paper 8.5cms x 8.5cms and mount onto a piece of gold mirri card 9cms x 9cms. Fix to the top of the lid.


Step Twelve

Using a piece of backing paper and Shapeabilities Bitty Blossoms, medium and large dies, cut out two large and one medium flower.

Optional colour the back of the flowers with a piece of foam sponge and Tim Holtz Distress inks.

Keeping the right side to the inside, start curling the flower, starting at the outside edge. I curled mine round an embossing tool. Once curled allow the flower to relax slightly and then stick onto the centre circle using a strong glue. Hold until the glue “grabs”. You can tease the petals out using a pair of angled tweezers.

Cut some leaves and make a couple of tendrils using thin strips of backing paper.


Step Thirteen

Arrange the flowers, foliage and tendrils on the corner of the box lid, and attach using Pinflair glue gel.

Tie the ribbon in a double bow on the corner of the box.

Stick the gift card onto a small piece of 160gsm thin card to strengthen.

Optional – If you have printed an extra topper, make a matching card.

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