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Meerkat Game and Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


2 A4 Sheets Colour Vision 300gsm Kraft Board.
1 A4 Sheet JS Elegance Satin 160gsm Paper or 300gsm Card (depending on the capabilities of your printer).
1 A5 Sheet of JS Clear Heavyweight Acetate (not the inkjet acetate).
1 A4 Sheet of Cardboard, I used the cardboard that comes with JS card and deliveries.
Off cut of Black Colour Vision Card approximately 10cms x 10cms.
Sticky Stuff – I used Red Line Tape, Double Sided Tape, Foam Pads and Cosmic Shimmer Glue.
Foam Tape, to create frame for the Meerkat game.
5 small circular beads.
Jayne Netley Mayhew “The Digistamp” CD
Signature Die – Ivy Corner SD066

Nestabilities - Fleur De Lis Squares S4-318


Step One

Print out the Meerkats topper sheet, using either JS 160 gsm Elegance Satin Paper or 300gsm Elegance Satin Card, depending on your printer’s specification. The CD is interactive and you can personalise the sentiments. How to do this is explained on the CD.


Step Two

Cut out the largest topper “A” from the topper sheet, leaving a white border round the topper. The topper should measure approximately 13.3cms x 13.3cms, but sizes may vary slightly depending on how your printer prints. Do not cut into the nearby toppers.

Cut out a piece of cardboard “B” (the cardboard that comes with deliveries from Joanna Sheen is suitable) 13.3cms x 13.3cms.

Place topper “A” centrally on top of cardboard “B” and make five small holes through both layers “A” and “B”, sized to fit the five beads. I used a Japanese screw punch and made the holes slightly larger using the blunt end of a crochet hook. This can be done either before or after you join pieces “A” and “B” together, it depends on how thick the card your punch will punch.

Cut two pieces of Colour Vision Kraft Card “C” 13.5cms x 13.5cms. Place one piece of card to one side. Position the Fleur de Lys Die centrally on the second piece of card and cut an aperture. If you don’t have a suitable die, cut an aperture in the middle of the card the same size as the white area inside the green border on the topper. Save the die cut/cut-out centre aperture to use in making the matching card.

Cut a piece of clear acetate “D” (not inkjet acetate) 13.4cms x 13.4cms.


Step Three

Apply Red Line tape to the reverse of topper “A” as shown, and stick to cardboard “B” lining up the holes.

Apply Red Line tape to the reverse of frame “C” and dot Cosmic Shimmer glue as shown in white. Stick to acetate square “D”.


Step Four

Apply a layer of foam tape round the edge of topper “A” which has previously been stuck to cardboard “B”. Before applying, check that the foam will not protrude inside the aperture of the frame. You may need to build three layers of foam, check the height of the beads they need to be below the top of the foam in order to run freely. You will have to remove the backing strip between applying each layer of foam. Do not remove the top layer of backing tape.

Using a paint brush apply a small amount of talcum powder round the inside edge of the foam tape to stop the beads sticking to the sides of the foam. Place the beads inside “A” and check that they run freely.

Wipe the beads with an anti-static bag to stop them sticking to the acetate, and place them inside “A”.


Step Five

Remove the backing from the top layer of foam and stick the frame “CD” to the topper “AB”.


Step Six

Using an off cut from the Kraft card, cut two strips 8mm x 29.7cms and attach round the side edges of the foam tape using Red Line tape. Do not start sticking the strip at a corner as it will probably work loose. Round off the corners of the frame slightly by about 1mm.

Stick the remaining piece of Kraft card “C” to cardboard “B” underneath the puzzle.


Step Seven

Cut a piece of Kraft card 14.9cms x 29.7cms. Score and fold in half to create a square card.

Cut out the second size topper from the topper sheet and cut away the green border. Mount onto a piece of black card, leaving a narrow border.

Position centrally, stick to the Fleur De Lys die-cut /aperture cut-out and attach to the card.

Cut out the JS Ivy Corner and attach to the card.

Add a sentiment if required.

The card and game will present better in a box.


Step Eight

There are sufficient Meerkat toppers left to make a Meerkat box using the template for the flower box in the early May 2014 project. You will need extra card for the box.

I cut the box and embossed it using the Creative Expressions Basket Weave embossing folder.

I also used the JS Signature Die Spring Blossom SD051 for the foliage.

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