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Pop Out Card By Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


2 or 4 x A4 Sheets of JS 300gsm Elegance Satin Card.
1 or 3 x A4 Sheets of JS 160gsm Elegance Satin Paper.
(Card/paper required may vary depending on printer used).
2 x A4 Sheets of JS Gold Mirri Card.
Sticky Stuff – I used double sided tape and Pinflair Glue Gel.
JS If Flowers Could Talk CD

Optional Spellbinders Die to fit the circular topper. – I used the Parisian Motifs Shapeabilities circular die.


Step One

If you are using a different image you may need to alter your measurements.

Using 160gsm Elegance Satin Paper, print out the sheet of topper images. I used an image from page two of the toppers section. The CD is interactive and it explains on the CD how to delete the printed verse on the topper and either personalise it with your own greeting or leave it blank. This card uses both oval toppers, one has been personalised and the other one has the Patience Strong verse on it.

For the inside section of the card (called card inner), using either the Elegance Satin Paper or Card print out the matching backing sheet.


Step Two

For the front of the card, using either Elegance Satin Paper or Card, print out a second backing sheet. Cut to measure 12.5cms x 18.5cms.

Cut a piece of JS gold mirri card to measure 13.5cms x 19.5cms.

Optional, using JS gold mirri card cut out the largest Parisian Motif from the Shapeablities set.


Step Three

To make the inside of the card, using one of the printed backing sheets, measure, mark, score and cut as shown. Fold the score lines.


Step Four

Apply double sided tape to the wrong side of the card inner backing sheet as shown.

If you are using 160gsm paper reinforce the back of the centre pop out section of the card inner, to strengthen.

To make the card outer, use a sheet of A4 JS Elegance Satin White Card, landscape orientation, score in half vertically.


Step Five

Attach the card inner backing sheet to the card outer, matching the edges. It is easier to match the card inner and outer together, if you turn back the corners of the double sided tape rather than removing all the double sided tape backing before attaching the cards together.


Step Six

Cut out the two oval toppers. Optional – mount onto gold mirri card leaving a narrow 2mm border.

Cut a piece of JS Elegance Satin card 24cms x 15cms, landscape orientation and score in half vertically.

Position the two toppers vertically on the card so the petals “A” at the bottom of the toppers are level with the bottom edge of the card, and the distance apart at the widest part of the toppers “B to B” is 1cm. The toppers should be equidistant from the centre score line. When positioned, fix into place. I found it easier to use Pinflair glue gel as it gave time for adjustment.

The green dotted line shows the cutting line between the two toppers.

The four solid green vertical lines are 1cm long and positioned 3cms apart (each being 1.5cms from the centre score line).


Step Seven

Cut round the toppers following the dotted line shown in the previous image. Make four 1cm long vertical cuts as shown.

Valley fold the score line and locate the toppers in the pop-out centre panel of the card, by inserting the 1cms cuts into the top and bottom sections of the centre panel.


Step Eight

Fix the mirri and backing mat onto the card front. Centre the Parisian Motif on the front of the card and decorate with the large circular toppers, which can be decoupaged.

Attach one of the small circular toppers to the back of the card.

This card will fit in a C5 envelope.

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