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Pop Up Card by Sheila Weaver

Materials– this will make two small Victorian cards

2 sheets of A4 Cardstock
Double sided tape.
1 x sheet of A4 paper, which should be suitable for printing as a backing paper for the outside of the card.

Choose your pop-up image for the inside of the card.  The image must be of landscape orientation and you will require two images for each card.  Either print a sheet of images using Adobe or capture and import the largest image into Word.  In Word if you set your page to landscape orientation, you should be able to fit four images on one page.

Step One

Cut a piece of card which when folded will be slightly larger than your chosen image. Score the fold so that the card will open upwards. And open the card out.

Measure 12mm (1/2inch) in from the left and right side of the card and draw a vertical line 25mm (1 inch) long (shown as A to B in red). Draw a line 12mm (1/2inch) long (shown as C to D in red) this line will finish on the centre fold line. Draw a line along the centre fold line from D to D. Cut the RED lines and using an embossing tool score the BLACK lines. This forms the stand for the pop-up.


Step Two

Carefully bend the score lines and push up the cut lines at the same time to form the pop-up stand.


Step Three

Stick your 1st image to the inside face of the card cutting round the stand so the image fits snugly. I also decorated the base with matching backing paper.


Step Four

Cut out the figures from the 2nd image, leaving a border at the bottom of the image to fix the figures to the stand. Position this onto the front edge of the stand, placing it so the images align. Fix with double sided tape. Which is shown from a side angle to illustrate fixing point.

Cover the outside of the card with matching backing paper. The backing paper will cover the gaps in the card created when making the stand for the pop-up.

Top Tip

Stick the double sided tape to the card not the backing paper ensuring that the tape does not overhang the gaps.


Step Five

I tied it with ribbon and stuck a small vellum envelope on the front to contain the greeting This card folds flat when closed.


Step Six

Completed card open.

If your printer will print on cardstock you can print the inside backing paper directly onto the card before marking the cutting lines.

Sheila Weaver

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