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Quick Card for Christmas by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact me, Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 Sheet JS Stardream card - I used Lapis Lazuli
2 Off cuts Stardream card approx 8cms x 11cms
1 A4 Sheet JS Gold Mirri Card
1 sheet JS Gentle Gloss Photo Paper
Sticky stuff - I used double sided tape and Collall photo glue
JS Thomas Kinkade Papercraft CD Collection - Christmas CD



Step One

Using Gentle Gloss photo paper, print out one of the large images approx. 18cms x 13.5cms and two copies of the largest Christmas tree in the embellishments section. It explains on the CD how to capture an image and import it into a word processing programme. All the elements should fit on one A4 sheet of photo paper. (See picture)


Step Two

Cut a piece of Stardream card 29.7cms x 15.5.cms and measure, score and cut away two side sections, as shown in the picture. Do not fold the score lines yet.

Cut two pieces of Stardream card 8cms x 11cms.


Step Three

Mount the topper on Gold Mirri card, leaving a narrow gold border and check if you have room to round the top corners of the card. After removing the side section from both sides of the card, centre and fix to the card using double sided tape. Fold the score lines. (See picture)


Step Four

Cut round the Christmas tree embellishments and stick to the 8cms x 11cms pieces of card. Trim leaving a narrow border round the tree, leaving a straight edge at the bottom of the tree.

Using double sided tape, centre and fix the trees to the front tabs on the card. Ensure that the bottom edge of the tree is level with the bottom of the card. (See picture)

Add a sentiment.

This card will fit in a C5 envelope.

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