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Quick For Christmas Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact Sheila W. via YUKU mail.  If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A3 Sheet of Card (makes two cards) – alternative version of card suggested in instructions if you do not have any A3 card.
1 or 2 A4 Sheet of Elegance Satin 300gsm Card.
1 A4 Sheet Gold Mirri Card.
1 A4 Sheet Black Mirri Card.
1 A4 Sheet Gentle Gloss Photo Paper.

Sticky Stuff – I used double sided tape.

Thomas Kinkade Project book with CD.


Step One

Using a sheet of A3 card Landscape orientation, measure, mark, score, cut and fold as shown.  This makes two side opening A5 landscape cards. (Continue with step two).

Second version (no illustration)

If you do not have any A3 card, cut a piece of card JS Elegance Satin 300gsm measuring 15cms x 23cms. Landscape orientation; score a vertical line 2cms in from the left-hand side of the card.  Fold the 2cms flap (flange) to the front of the piece of card.  This will create the back section of the card and when the flange is folded flat to the card, should measure 15cms x 21cms.  (Continue with step two).


Step Two

To create the front up stands for both versions of the card:-

Using Elegance Satin 300gsm card cut a piece of card 23cms x 21cms.  Measure, mark, score and fold as shown.


Step Three

Attach the front up stand to the front of the card (made from A3 card) using double sided tape.  The valley fold line on the front up stand should be flush with the bottom edge of the card.  If the front overhangs the card at the top, trim to fit.

Second version

Using double sided tape attach the front on top of the flange, at the left-hand side of the back section of the card.

Both versions of the card should now look alike.


Step Four

Using Gentle Gloss photo paper print out the main image from Project 16 on the JS Thomas Kinkade Projects CD.

Mount the image onto layers of Black and Gold Mirri card.  The topper when mounted should measure approximately 18.5cms x 13cms.


Step Five

Attach the topper to the front of the card.

Measure the width of the topper and cut strips of Black and Gold Mirri card to cover the front up stand.

I cut two strips of Black Mirri card 17.8cms x 2cms and,

Two strips of Gold Mirri card 18.5cms x 2.8cms.  Sizes will vary slightly depending on the size of the topper.


Step Six

Stick the black and gold strips to the front up stand.

Add a sentiment.

This card will fit in a C5 envelope.

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