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Sewing Tapestry Card by Suzanne Saltwell


Joanna Sheen 8 x 8 Paper Collections Pad - Volume 1
Signature Dies - Sabrina Lace Border SD407
Sue Wilson - Noble Collection - Double Pierced Rectangles CED5508
Image printed on Printable Cotton from Jayne Netley Mayhew ~ The Digistamp Cd Rom
Foundations Icicle Pearl Card, Kraft Card & Graphite Card
Tim Holtz Dried Marigold Ink Pad
Creative Expressions Smoothies
Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Off White Satin Ribbon
Pinflair Glue Gel, Double Sided Tape & Foam Tape
Tapestry Threads, Needle & Tapestry frame - 3” or 4”


Steps 1 - 6

1. This project highlights the flower paper from the Joanna Sheen 8 x 8 paper collection pad & uses the Joanna Sheen Signature Sabrina lace border die.

2. Take a piece of pearl A3 card and score then fold this in half to create an A4 card, later on it can be trimmed to size or you can join 2 pieces of A4 card together to make a slightly smaller version card.

3. Select your image you want to use and firstly print it onto a piece of paper to check you have it in the right place so you don`t waste the linen if it`s not right. The cd has a piece on how to select a snapshot to create a single image, so you can follow those instructions, for this you will just need to use the snapshot tool to select the image, highlight the image and move it to a plain document – once you have tested the size of the image and it has enough border around it to fit the tapestry hoop then print the image onto the inkjet linen or inkjet cotton.

4. Place the printed image into the tapestry frame, make 2 snips on the fabric where you want design to lay out of the frame, there isn`t much room to allow too much fabric on the card so it`s best to make the fabric about an inch around the frame without being to close!!! Remove the fabric from the frame to cut the image lying flat and straight – cut down the 2 lines trying to keep in the grain as this will look nicer when fraying the material. You will need to do this top and bottom, and then fray around the cut edges. Now place it back into the frame – I like to have the screw bolt to the top slightly left, but you can do it whichever way you wish.

5. Now add a few cross stitches to the design, I do 2 whole x stitches and then bring the last stitch up from the back and then leave the thread on the front – place your needle into the fabric and trim the cotton to the length you require, you can place some silicone on the needle if you wish for safety or use a tapestry needle as they are rounded – now set aside this piece.

6. Cut 2 frames, 1 bigger than the other from the Sue Wilson - Noble Collection - Double Pierced Rectangles die set depending on your tapestry hoop size, both in a pearl card; the larger panel has had some Tim Holtz dried marigold ink added around the edges of the panel to bring out the colours in the rose paper.


Steps 7 - 12

7. To make the mini sentiment cotton hanks you can either 3 different coloured threads to tie in the colours in the project. So take your first piece of thread – I used a 12″ piece (you just need to make them all the same size) start with the end in the middle of you 2nd and 3rd fingers and wrap the thread around your 2nd and 3rd fingers till the thread runs out and then secure the centre with some 3mm double sided tape.

8. I have typed on the computer in a font size 9, the words ` To a` - `special` and then `friend` and cut around the words and left more white space at the top as this will be wrapped around the thread. Ease the card with your fingers to curve the card so it doesn`t bend/crack and apply some 3mm tape to the bottom edge inside the sentiment. Start from the top and wrap the card around the back and then secure the tape at the back – slightly squash the sentiment to look like the thread hank. Do this on all three threads.

9. Mount the rose paper onto a piece of pearl card and trim leaving a 3mm border. Then mount this onto a piece of graphite card leaving a larger border all round and with a large depth at the bottom to take the lace border.

10. Cut the lace border die through a die cutting machine and extend and cut it again if the width needs it. Here a thin white ribbon has been woven through the small holes in the border die and finished off with a bow in the centre and a flat back pearl covering the knot.

11. Cut the folded base card to size and emboss a line around the outside of the card. The dried marigold ink has also been used to tint the edges of the base card. Mat the different layers of card onto the base card using foam tape.

12. Mount the tapestry frame onto the pierced panel using the Pinflair gel glue on 4 parts of the wooden frame. Add the sentiment threads onto the small pierced die cut panel at an angle using the glue behind the sentiment label.


Step 13

13. Cut 2 more lace borders and wrap them around a piece of Kraft card so that it`s the same size as each curve on the border. Secure the piece with some thin white ribbon and embellish with a flower over the bow.

The tapestry frames were googled and found for around £1.20 on e-bay or they can be purchased from craft shops.

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