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Waterfall Card Instructions by Suzanne Saltwell

Many people have asked how to make a waterfall card, so for all of them and anyone else who want’s to have a go at a very different and fantastic looking card; here is how to make one

Step One

This waterfall card has been adapted in size to work with Joanna’s Cat stamps -

The waterfall design is easier than you think to create and hopefully if you follow the instructions, you will find this to be so - the key is in the preparation of the cutting of the card and paper

The equipment needed for this project is as follows:-

Joanna Sheen unmounted cat stamps and acrylic block
White Stazon
6 silver brads
A tassel - this one is black and white
Japanese screw punch
3 A4 sheets of silvery card stock
2 A4 sheets of gloss black paper
2 A4 sheets of pearl white paper


Step Two

On this photo I have numbered the pieces for your reference - so you need to prepare the following

No. 1 - A4 silver sheet and score in half to make your A5 card - put to one side
No. 2 - 1 x Black gloss paper cut to 5.5" x 7.75"
No. 3 - 1 x Silver or any other card cut to 5.5 x 2.5"
No. 4 - 1 x Black gloss paper cut to 5.5" x 2.5"
No. 5 - 1 x Silver 9.25" x 3"
No. 6 - 4 x Silver card cut to 3" x 3"
No. 7 - 4 x Black gloss cut to 1/8th of an inch smaller than the 3" squares
No. 8 - 4 x White pearl cut to 1/8th of an inch smaller than the black gloss paper above
No. 9 not shown is 1 X Black gloss cut to 5" x 2.75" then 1 x white pearl paper cut to 1/8th of an inch smaller than the black paper - this is for the inside pull down piece of the waterfall feature.


Step Three

Right now for the fun part, take the Black gloss paper no.2 and no.4 and place the smaller piece on top of the larger sheet 1.5" from the bottom.


Step Four

Now for the stamping - using white Stazon stamp your images over the paper ensuring you overlap the image on the smaller piece of paper - this is to blend the paper into one as the top part is the key part to making the waterfall card work.


Step Five

Once finished set your stamped paper to one side to allow drying.

Once dry attach the piece no. 3 card to the back of the small stamped paper - this is to strengthen the paper as it will hold the waterfall pull - once this is done place the piece back on top of the larger sheet & make 3 holes each side with your Japanese screw punch - set to one side.


Step Six

Stamp designs - I have done one here in black on white to make it show up easier - but yours will be on the black paper, the five other cat designs can be any of your choice.


Step Seven

Take your waterfall piece no 5 - the 9.25 x 3 silver strip and score an embossed line horizontally - this is done at 2" - 2.75" - 3.5" and finally one at 4.25"

Then fold each of the lines to create the front part of the waterfall attachment.


Step Eight

Then take the silver 3" squares and attach the slightly smaller black matting squares onto the silver and matt the white stamped image onto the black.


Step Nine

Also do the same with the larger stamped image - this is the back of the waterfall pull - and attach the tassel to the bottom centre.


Step Ten

Take your scored waterfall piece and attach the stamped squares starting from the bottom scored line. Attach with Double sided tape and continue to do this with all of the remaining three images - this is shown on the image on the right.


Step Eleven

Once you have completed all four squares, the waterfall attachment will look like this - with the tassel lying behind the card - this is the bit that is tucked behind the small piece of card and makes the pull of the waterfall card.


Step Twelve

Attach the bottom of the waterfall attachment to the smaller black stamped piece (piece no.4).


Step Thirteen

Attach the large stamped image to the A5 main card and place the smaller stamped piece with the 6 holes on with the images & line up as you stamped then punch through the card to make the holes right the way through - now put the right hand (the waterfall part) onto the left hand part the main card - with the larger image and the tassel falling behind the horizontal stamped black part and attach to the main card with the 6 brads.

The card is now complete and ready for you to pull the tassel and see the card in full display

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