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Wavy Tri-Fold Card by Sheila Weaver

If you have any problems with this project and are a member of the Joanna Sheen forum, please contact me, Sheila W. via YUKU mail. If you are not a member, please come and join us and message me.


1 A4 sheet JS Stardream Card - I used Citrine.
1 A4 sheet JS Gold Mirri Card.
1 A4 sheet 160gsm thin card for backing paper.
1 A4 sheet 160gsm thin card for template.
1 A4 sheet 120gsm paper for insert.
Sticky stuff - I used double sided tape and Pinflair Glue Gel.
House Mouse Flower Power Decoupage Sheets - I used the Sunflower sheet.
JS House-Mouse Inserts CD Rom.
Wordy Stamp Set 2. And Stamp pad - I used a mid-green.

1 A5 sheet of yellow paper - I used parchment paper.
1 A5 sheet of green paper - I used parchment paper.
CREAlies die CL CF 02.
Cedar Sprig Punch.
Birch Leaf Punch.
Small amount of black and brown Flowersoft.
Flowersoft Glue.
Character Tool and Etching (Pokey) Tool

Cut out the House Mouse Sunflower Decoupage and print out the matching Backing Paper and Insert from the House Mouse Inserts CD


Step One

Make your template, using an A4 sheet of 160gsm thin card, Landscape Orientation. Mark the centre point (14.9cms) along the top edge and a second point (22.3cms) from the top left corner. Do not fold.

Mark a point vertically 11.5cms from the bottom left-hand corner. From this point draw a wavy line diagonally towards the centre score line, finishing approximately 2cms from the top edge of the card.

Cut away the wavy line.


Step Two

Transfer your markings to the Stardream Card, score, cut away the wavy line, and fold the card.

Cut away the part of the card which overhangs the top of the wavy line. (Shown as the green hatched area).


Step Three

Open out the card ready for decoration.


Step Four

Place the backing paper on top of the card. It is easier if you line up the right angle of the front of the card up to the bottom right angle corner of the backing paper. Cut out the shape. (For illustration purposes, I have shown the backing paper underneath the card to show where to position the paper).


Step Five

Stick the backing paper to the front of the card and cut away the excess.


Step Six

Trim the insert to fit the remaining two panels of the card.

Mount the base layer of the decoupage onto gold mirri card, and fix to the bottom half of the wavy (front) panel of the card.

Add the decoupage layers and a sentiment.

Stamp your sentiment on the insert. I used one of the Wordy Stamps, but you could use the interactive facility on the CD and type a sentiment.  

Make your Sunflower and attach to the front of the card.  

This card will fit in a C5 envelope.


Step Seven

To make the Sunflower: Using CREAlies die CL CF 02 cut two large yellow flowers, and one large and one medium green flowers. I used coloured parchment paper.

Trim the edges of the petals to a point.

Using the Character shaper tool very lightly curve the petals. Lightly crease each petal of the yellow flowers along the length of the petal, creasing some petals into a mountain crease, other into a valley crease.

To assemble the flower and gluing each layer, starting with the bottom layer and staggering how the petals sit:-

Green small flower - petals curving downward.

Green large flower - petals curving upwards.

Yellow large flower - petals curving downward.

Yellow large flower - petals curving upwards.

Using brown and black Flowersoft and Flowersoft glue applied to the centre of the flower, make the flower centre.


Step Eight

Punch out two birch leaves and using the etching tool, pointed end lying flat against the leaf mark out the veins.

Punch out some extra foliage - I used the Cedar Sprig Punch

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