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With Love / New Home card


Howard Robinson Decoupage pack
One summer’s Day CD Rom

Cream hammered card
Red Card
Red ribbon

Foam pads
Double sided tape
Pinflair Glue gel


Step One

Print out some lace backing paper and some roses backing paper from the One Summer’s Day CD Rom. Find the cottage picture amongst the decoupage sheets.


Step Two

Take your hammered card and cut a piece 29.7cm x 21 cm – fold this in half to form a tent fold card. Take another piece 23.5cm x 21cm and from the bottom, fold up 8.8cm, and then fold down 4.4cm. This gives a small tent fold on the bottom of this piece of card.


Step Three

Using double sided tape; add the folded piece of card onto the front of the tent fold card.


Step Four

Cut the roses backing paper to measure 20.5cm x 14.4cm. Stick this to the front of your card with double sided tape.


Step Five

Cut the lace backing paper to measure 14.3cm x 5cm. Using double sided tape, add this to some red card and cut leaving a small border on the long sides. Add red ribbon to the centre then using foam pads attach to the left hand side of your card, around 1.5cm from the edge.


Step Six

Cut out the main image from the decoupage sheet and add to red card, cut the red card leaving a thin border and attach to your card using foam pads.


Step Seven

Cut some more rose backing paper measuring 20.5cm x 4cm and attach to the bottom fold of your card with double sided tape. Cut some lace paper measuring 5cm x 4cm and attach this to red card, cutting and leaving a small border on the short sides. Add a length of ribbon in the middle and attach with foam pads to the left side of your fold making sure you line up the red border with the one on your main image. Add a nicely folded red bow to this with glue gel.

Cut out sentiment, add a small tie of red ribbon and mount to the right of your fold with foam pads.


Step Eight

Cut out your decoupage and using glue gel, add it to the main image largest piece first right down to smallest. Try to shape your paper pieces between your fingers to give depth.

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