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How to Use Ez-Mount

Ez-Mount is the best way to use unmounted rubber stamps. Adding the foam gives you a far far better and more detailed stamped image - on high quality designs like the ones we sell this is just a must have!

Step One

Peel the printed blue liner to expose the adhesive side of the foam and mount to your rubber stamp


Step Two

Trim the excess rubber and foam close to the design with a pair of scissors. If the scissors get too sticky then clean with a handy baby wipe.


Step Three

Remove the paper liner from the other side, which will expose the static cling.


Step Four

Your stamp is now ready to be temporarily mounted on an acrylic block for stamping.

Once your stamps are mounted with Ez-Mount you can use the same acrylic blocks over and over without leaving any sticky mess.

As you are using a clear block it's really easy to see where you are stamping. Major bonus obviously has to be space saving - they will fit in a tiny amount of space compared to the same stamps all mounted on hardwood blocks.


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