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Joanna Sheen Angel Policy

As I am a crafter, I hope I understand well what you want from your craft purchases and our policy reflects this. All our CDs, Paper Pads, Decoupage, Rubber Stamps and Signature Dies are fine to use to make complete handmade cards for profit, for friends and family or for charities.

This policy is to enable crafters to make as many hand-made cards as they like and sell them or give them away etc. However it is not allowed to sell ready stamped images or any other part finished products from our stamps. Likewise for the CDs it’s fine to sell your cards but not to print off sheets of toppers or backing papers and sell these – complete cards only are allowed under the copyright agreement.

It is not ok to sell downloads of any of our products whether it is from a CD or rubber stamped images. But for the average crafter our policies hold no restrictions, just enjoy making handmade cards and if you want to sell them that’s fine.

Happy Crafting


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