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Meet The Mice

Ever wondered what the House-Mouse mice are called and the little stories behind each of the mice? Well we did and asked Ellen, Nicole and Barry when we met up in New York!!

So over to Maxwell who will talk you though all his siblings...

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Amanda is the most well behaved and mature of all of us siblings. She has fawn coloured fur and her ears are a bit large. She is very innovative and is always full of creative energy and ideas. She is always making sure that we behave... or at least she thinks she keeps us from misbehaving!



Monica is gray with a teeny, tiny body and big feet! She tends to be sweet, innocent and charming. Don't let her know but even though she is my little sister, I find her to be very precious!



Mudpie is my brother. He has brown fur and a little nick in his ear... I tell him that his name really should have been "Nick." Amanda blames me for the nick in his ear. I however, blame the piece of cheese that we were both racing to eat. It's not my fault that his ear resembles swiss cheese! Mudpie is really lazy. His two favorite activities are eating and sleeping. He's a true Mouse-potato.



Muzzy is fuzzy! He has really long hair which is dark grey. He is very, very curious and extremely investigative.



I am reddish-brown and have a perpetually curled tail. I kind of think that I am extremely goodlooking, in a handsome mouse like way. My family thinks that I am a prankster who loves to play tricks whenever I can... well, there may be some truth to that!!!

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