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Printing and Paper Tips

When using our cds it helps to use reasonably heavyweight paper rather than the 80 or 90 gsm copy paper we all have for everyday use. We would recommend using a Photo Quality Paper when printing out images from cdroms.

Printer Quality and Paper Settings

I usually set the printer (when using our cds) to photo setting and also the paper setting to photo papers as this makes a difference to the finished effect.

I would suggest that you experiment with the different settings and see what standard you are happy with. I prefer to print out best quality pages and just be careful not to print too many more than I need at that time, but I know some people like to use lower settings and are happy to economise in that way.

To set the printer quality and paper settings click on File and then Print in Adobe Reader (rather then use the Printer Icon on the toolbar)

If the colours are coming out looking very different to those on the screen – this is possibly a case when your printer’s nozzles need checking and cleaning.


Checking and Cleaning Printer Nozzles - Step 1

To check for blocked nozzles first open up the page to be printed into adobe reader.

Then click on File and then Print -- as seen in diagram (rather than use the Printer Icon on the toolbar)


Step 2

This will bring up the printer dialogue box as shown. If you click properties this will take you to the next screen


Step 3

Now here you should see a Maintenance tab -- if you click that you should see something similar to the picture shown. Please be aware that all printers are different and my instructions here are based on the Epson RX640 printer and are only a guide. Please check your printer manual if you are having difficulties.

As you can see from this picture there is a nozzle check and a Nozzle Cleaning program.


Step 4

What I would recommend is run the nozzle check first -- follow the on screen instructions -- this usually prints out a grid of lines and if there are any gaps in the print out this would suggest there are blocked nozzles.

If you find it has blocked nozzles then the next step would be to run the head cleaning routine -- this uses a bit of ink to flush out the nozzles. After completing a cleaning routine -- rerun the nozzle check to see if there has been an improvement.

If there are still gaps on the nozzle check print out -- then repeat the cleaning routine. Sometimes you need to run through this 2 or 3 times until you get the perfect nozzle check print out.

Please note this is only a guide and printers are different so any doubts please check your printer manual

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