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Printing on Vellum and Acetate - TIPS

Some people find it tricky to print on Vellum and Acetate - so I thought I would post some standard words I use when trying to answer peoples queries

Firstly no printer manufacturer will say yes this prints on acetate or vellum because all home printers are designed for standard papers and none are designed for crafters - but thousands of people print on vellum and acetate every day (on their standard printer) - it just takes a bit of patience and learning what your printer likes.

For instance vellum is tricky because you must not allow too much ink to go on the page - so a setting such as Draft is useful - also picking designs that do not have too much dark coloured patches will also help.

Acetate on the other hand is a bit easier - however you must ensure you are using INKJET acetate - you can tell if your acetate is inkjet friendly by checking to see if it has one rough side and one glossy side - you must make sure you print on the ROUGH side. Normal printer settings are a good place to start.

Both Acetate and Vellum can have paper feed problems - these sometimes (depending on the printer) can be caused because the vellum curls at the corners causing a paper jam or with the acetate in particular being ejecting each time because some printers cannot detect the start of the acetate because it is transparent - to combat both these problems the following method should help - If the printer is struggling with feeding the acetate/vellum in - then use a piece of normal paper and attach this to the acetate down one of the short edges with double sided tape - then ensure this end feeds into the printer first - basically the paper will act as a carrier sheet.

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